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25 December 2010 @ 11:31 pm

TITLE: 3-25
AUTHOR: mel_girl 
RECIPIENT: rabieskatten 
GENRE: Romance/Humour
PAIRING(S): Prussia/Switzerland, though Switzerland/Liechtenstein is all in Prussia's head 
RATINGS/WARNINGS: T, mostly for cursing (I blame Prussia)
SUMMARY: The prompt I used was 'Prussia feels a little rivalry against Liechtenstein. The rest is up to the author.' So Prussia invites himself over to Switzerland's for Christmas, with the plan of winning Switzerland over as part of a bet with Hungary. However, his biggest competition happens to be none other than... Switzerland's sister?
NOTES: I hope you all enjoy this oneshot! I totally had something else written but I ended up disliking it so I rewrote it. I don't know, oneshots are definitely not my speciality. Chaptered fics are totally more fun, haha. But I did enjoy writing this so I hope you reading it! Have a fabulous Christmas, you all! 8D <333



"As unawesome as this is, I have declared you my rival!"Collapse )


22 December 2010 @ 11:28 pm
Since we currently have only 3/7 gifts completed, and I really do want everyone to have a fair chance to get things done on time without a stressful rush, I am going to do you all a little holiday favor.

The deadline has now been moved until December 28th 11:59pm CST

This gives you 4 more days to finalize anything you are rushing on.

In return, I ask the following:

1) Since I'm giving a 4-day leeway, please post your fanwork when you have it finalized/betaed/ready to go. There's no need to wait until the very last moment.

2) If an emergency arises between now and 12/28, please contact me ASAP so we can work something out.

Thank you all! And remember to go enjoy the completed fanworks!
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Title: Christmas in the Alps (or How Prussia Brought the Holiday Spirit to Switzerland)
Author: abarero
Recipient: mel_girl
Genre: Romance/General
Rating: PG
Pairing: Switzerland/Prussia
Summary: A snowstorm in the Alps forces Prussia to drop in on Switzerland's Christmas Eve celebrations.

Notes: For the prompt Prussia having a lonely Christmas/crashing at Switzerland's. I really hope everyone enjoys this :)

To Christmas cheer… and having someone to celebrate it with! )
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01 December 2010 @ 08:41 pm
(Haha, first post!)

Just another afternoon
AUTHOR: Rabieskatten
RECIPIENT: kanami_yuuta
CHARACTERS: PrussiaxSwitzerland + Lichenstein :D
SUMMARY: Lichenstein is very fascinated by hers brother's and Prussia's relationship.
NOTES: So this year's first gift will be yours, Kanami_yuuta-san! I hope you will find this entertaining somehow. Since I tried to make it entertaining.

Over here!Collapse )
30 November 2010 @ 09:53 am
Hello there chicksandguns Santas! Starting on December 1st (your timezone, I'm not picky here!) you can start posting up your fic and art.

Please follow the guidelines below for posting!

1. Please post your fill (art/fic) to this community first! If you want to post your fic in your writing journal or on fanfiction.net and crosslink to the story there, that's fine as well. Same with if you want to upload your art to another site like deviantart and then link to it from here. Just please post here before linking to the story on the main community/elsewhere. And please do not link to any place that has locked access. We want everyone to be able to enjoy these fanworks!

2. To the writers, please, please, please- make sure to have your story beta-read first! Remember, this is a gift!

3. Please post with the following format:

TITLE: Pretty self-explanatory. Please title your fic or art. Artists you can always just put "1 piece of art" or "1 fancomic" if your piece is untitled.
AUTHOR: This is your name
RECIPIENT: This is to whom you wrote the fic/drew the artwork for.
GENRE: Romance/drama/humor/adventure/whatever works goes here. Fanartists do not need to include this.
PAIRING(S): If PrussiaxSwitzerland is the ONLY pairing featured in the fanwork, you do not need to include this.
RATINGS/WARNINGS: You all should know how to do ratings. As for warnings, violence, kinks, or anything that might be a trigger to someone, please warn for it!
SUMMARY: You can always list the prompt you were given if you struggle with a summary. This is not necessary for art, although you might still want to put the original prompt here.
NOTES: An optional place to thank beta readers or give any notes on the story/art, etc.

Make sure to tag your post with: 2010 secret santa, as well as fanfic or fanart depending on what it is.

4. Please have all gifts posted by December 24th by 11:59pm CST, the minute right before it ticks over onto Christmas Day. Please consult the world clock converter for the deadline in your time zone, or just use our handy-dandy countdown.

5. If you haven't already, please go CHECK IN so I can get pinch hitters arranged if needed. Thank you! Everyone has replied.

6. To everyone else in the community: COMMENT! Anyone can comment to a fanwork, regardless of if you're the recipient or not. We encourage you to comment to any fanwork that you enjoy.

7. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Thank you again so much for participating and I look forward to all the lovely fic and art in the coming weeks (seriously everyone, I am SO excited for this XDDDD)! Happy Holidays!

29 November 2010 @ 09:59 am
Hello chicksandguns Secret Santa participants! December 1st is coming up soon, so I wanted to check in with everyone and hear back on what your status is.

- I need EVERYONE to reply to this post to let me know what the status of their fill is. I know a lot of people might not have started yet (myself included!), but I need you to let me know you still have every intention of having it done between December 1st and 24th.

-If something, whatever it is, has come up and you can no longer finish your fill- let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE- now if you know now. This way I can get a replacement Santa and they have plenty of time to complete both of their fills in time. As I mentioned before, I don't want anyone going without a gift, so please let me know if you cannot finish your fill and need to drop.

-Please reply with an honest assessment. If it's finished and ready to go, great! If it's being written/drawn right now, awesome! If you know for certain you will get it done, let me know that (even if you haven't started it yet). If you need to drop, please let me know asap.

Please leave a comment here (to this post) like this:

Username: Still In/Dropping
Message: Tell me what's going on here, whatever that status is.

haro: Still in!
Message: I haven't started it yet, but I have a rough idea and I've started working out the plot.

-Anyone I've not heard from by December 7th I will contact, and if they still give no reply by December 12th, I will get a replacement. PLEASE REPLY ASAP.

These comments will be KEPT screened, just in case someone says something that might allude to what their prompts are. ;)

Thanks again for participating! Keep your eyes open on November 30th for posting instructions for those of you ready to post!

All 7 Secret Santa assignments have been sent out. If you have not received yours in the email you gave me, please check your spam filters.

If you have already received your assignment, please reply to this post with the following reply.

Your Name: Your Assignment # given in the email


Abarero: Assignment #8

If you have not received your assignment, please reply and tell me so.

Thanks again to everyone who has signed up! I'm super excited for this~! We'll be checking in with you near the end of November to see how things are going :)
07 November 2010 @ 03:59 am
Hello everyone! Just a reminder that we are still taking signups for the Prussia/Switzerland Secret Santa! Authors and artists are both welcome. Please help us spread the love for this underappreciated pairing this holiday season.

Go sign up HERE!

Signups close at 12 p.m. US CST on Monday, which gives you a little under forty-eight hours. Hope to see you all join!
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Well, since we had a few people definitely interested, we figured- why not? Even if it's a small exchange, we can still have fun, right?

Hello and welcome! Please read over all the following before signing up. Thank you!

What 'Secret Santa Exchange' Means: You create a fanwork, and you'll receive one in return. Everyone who wishes to participate will provide a few prompts that they'd like to see completed, and another community member will be assigned their prompts and will complete one of those (which one is completed is up to the person they're assigned to). When you submit your prompts, you are welcome (and encouraged) to tell me anything you are uncomfortable with or don't wish to do (pairings, genre, rating, etc), that way the prompts you're given are something you're comfortable writing/drawing.

Rules and Regulations:

1) Join the Community! You MUST join this community so you can post your fill here when it is completed and keep up on important information and announcements posted pre-due date.

2) All fanworks must be focused on Prussia/Switzerland. This is not a general Hetalia fic/art exchange, it is for this pairing. As such, their relationship needs to be the focus. Other pairings may be included if want in your prompts (for example, it is allowed to ask for a fic that's Prussia/Switzerland with some Germany/North Italy), but again, Prussia/Switzerland as the focus.

3) Can I ask for ____? You can ask for whatever you want- rating, genre, etc. However, please keep in mind that if you're asking for something super unusual, you might want to provide some broader prompts as well.

4) How long do I have to signup? Signups will end on Monday 11/08. Assignments will be sent out by 11/10.

5) When is the deadline? Please have your piece completed and posted by 12/24/10. You may post your fanwork any time after 12/01/10.

6) How do I post it? I'll put up the posting format later, but you just post it directly to the community. You may put it below an lj-cut or link off community (to a writing journal, ff.net, deviantart, etc).

7) How long does fic have to be? At least eight hundred words. It doesn't need to be super-long of course, but we want everyone to get something that's more than drabble length.

8) Are there any extra requirements for the art? Aside from the stipulations listed above for both fic and art, no. It can be done in any medium (digital, colored pencil, copic, sketch, etc). Just remember that this is a gift for someone, so make sure it's a completed piece!

9) Can I do fancomics? Yes. Absolutely.

10) I have another question. Then please ask it in reply here.

11) What if I need to drop out? Then I would ask you to please let me know as soon as possible so we can arrange a pinch hitter for you.

12) What is a pinch hitter? If someone has to drop out, I'd still like their giftee to get a gift. A pinch hitter is someone who is willing to do a second fanwork in order to make sure no one goes without a gift.

13) What type of prompts should I give? Prompts can be anything from something vague like "Prussia/Switzerland under the mistletoe," "Prussia/Switzerland, chaotic date" to something specific like "I'd like to see a human AU where Prussia and Switzerland both work at the same office. Prussia keeps playing pranks on Switzerland to get his attention. Eventually he agrees to stop if Switzerland will go on a date with him. Over time, the two legitimately fall in love. Can have US/UK and Germany/North Italy as well!" You must give me three prompts or I cannot fairly give your requests to your Santa.

Okay, I'm ready to signup! Great, here's a sample form. Just reply to THIS post with your form. You can use the handy dandy provided html. Comments are screened.

Specialty (Fanfic or Fanart- If you can do both, you may list both):
Highest Rating You'll Work With:
Will Not Work With (Any characters, pairings, genres, scenarios, you won't do):

Do Not Want (Any characters, pairings, ratings, genres, scenarios, etc you don't want to receive):
Do You Prefer fic, art, or no preference?:
Country names, human names, or no preference?:
Three Prompts. If all your prompts are fic only (as opposed to prompts that are able to work for both fic and art), and you're willing to receive art, please add a fourth prompt for art. Same goes for if all of your prompts are art, please add a fourth for fic if you're willing to receive fic:

Can you pinch hit if someone drops out?:

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21 October 2010 @ 06:46 pm
It's the season for Secret Santa fic/art exchanges in the Hetalia fandom and I wanting to see if any of our PrussiaxSwitzerland community members would be interested in having one here.

What 'Secret Santa Exchange' Means: You create a fanwork, and you'll receive one in return. Everyone who wishes to participate will provide a few prompts that they'd like to see completed, and another community member will be assigned their prompts and will complete one of those (which one is completed is up to the person they're assigned to). In turn, they will write/draw a fanwork for another community member.

Would you be interested in participating in a Secret Santa Exchange?

Yes, definitely
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